"Yeah. What if she’s right? What if there is a killer…or it’s cold?"

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"He is not gonna let up. He is just waiting till I crack."

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savannahfannafo asked: "Thx for the follow! Could reblog your whole page, seriously..."

Thanks<3 and thanks to you for following:)

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"Give me that. You look like batman."

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Orson: Don’t you wanna do that upstairs? You know, near the hamper.

Bree: Actually, i’d rather do it…Right… Here.

Orson: Why are you walking like that?

Bree: Why do you think?

Orson: I’m not sure. You’re trying to make me feel better about being paralyzed?

Bree: Guess again, big boy.

Orson: Well, if you’re having a stroke, we’re gonna make quite the team.

Bree: I do believe it’s getting… Hot in here.

Orson: Are you all right?

Bree: Yeah. just a second. my earring’s caught. Enjoy the music.

Orson: Oh, let me help.

Bree: No, no, no. i’m good. stay there.

Orson: i’m coming over.

Bree: No, orson, i’ve got it.

Orson: I’m sorry. i’m sorry.

Bree: I told you i didn’t need any help!

Orson: Well, in my defense, that wasn’t entirely clear.

LMAO forever!!!!

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Yes, Bree knew how to take care of her guests. Especially those who weren’t invited.

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